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Hey guys!
Tomorrow is out Dredd #14, check a look here…
Feel free to follow me

Thanks for aaaaall the support!
Saludos a todos
Long ago in a galaxy far away upload weekly pictures, I know, but just now I'm back to being a person. I changed from home and has been hell, my work computer died and two thousand things more that will tell if I have some time in the future (or might not) all while continuing to work and try to keep the deadlines, not bore you with details but it was very tiring... the point is that I'll be uploading a lot of the work done during this time of agony, is much, so will almost daily, Judge Dredd, Wild Blue Yonder and probably some more surprises. Do not stray too because the party starts on Monday ... or something.
Saludos a todos
I suppose you have heard of this incredible project, Zach Howard, Mike Raicht, Austin Harrison and have a Kickstarter... I've seen, I've read, and I can assure you that if they help, never be disappointed! See the Jounal of Zach and will know what I mean!!!! spacefriend-krunk.deviantart.c…
Saludos a todos!!!
Yesterday returns to Chile after 4 days in Peru, in Lima comic. I was with two great  persons, Christian and Alvaro of FIC Santiago (I am sure that very soon hear about them), upload photos very soon. Also promise to post some works and news. I finish some things and then keep  you busy with lots to see.

Here the facebbok of FIC to see some photos.…

Abrazos a todos!
Hello guys!
Check out ROAD RAGE #1!Yesterday Sale…
Richard Matheson, Joe Hill and Stephen King, Chris Ryall in the script... and me! Totally happy!!!

Here some links with previews, interviews and reviews. I hope you like it!
Saludos a todos!!!………………
My new graphic novel "1899 Cuando los tiempo chocan" is number 3 best selling fiction books this week in Chile... a comic ... toooooo happy ...

And the first issue of "The Cape" miniseries comes out. Chris Ryall, Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella, Zach Howard, the greatest team of all time collected in 22 pages... Don't say I didn't warn.

This is one of the best weeks of the year!!!

Saludos a todos!!!
Very tired ... I promise lots of news soon!!!!
Thanks very much everyone for your comments!!!
Has been a wonderful day, really happy birthday!!!

Saludos a todos!!!
Open commissions!
Yep guys, just this week I will open the commissions for those who want… and a discount (my birthday is coming)
Just one week!!! What do you think?
Saludos a todos!!!
100.000 visits. For me, much more than I thought when in DA.
Thanks all again for this. Make me very happy guys! Really!!! ;)
Saludos a todos!
All the best for everyone!!!!!
Saludos y abrazos a todos!!! :nod:
A friend is gone,yesterday. This last week of the year is for him.
See you in 2011 guys, thanks for all.
Sorry guys, I had to disappear a few weeks, I've had a lot of work. But on Sunday (while working) I received great news, "Lucca" a graphic novel about my son, won the contest "Fondo del Libro" from here, Chile, which means that will soon be printed and will be in your hands. Lucca is written by my wife and drawn by me, so that happiness has been doubled!  Imagine my face. :D:D:D
I promise to show something soon!!!
Saludos a todos!
Thanks to everyone for their support, especially :icondalal-n: and :iconnorke: for suggesting my work!
Saludos a todos and thanks again!

Earthquake in Chile, 8.8 degrees, even stronger than Haiti, more than 150 deaths, Fuck!!! One of the five bigger in history of the World, another fucking record, 2.30 minutes long, believe me, much more than an eternity.
I've talked to most of my friends and they are all ok, my family with me, all ok. All the rest lying on the floor, pieces, fragments of my life familar scattered throughout the apartment, but everything, absolutely everything else ok.

Really thanks for all the mails, calls and wonderful gestures that have been with me and my family.

Hey Guys! The SHWANN: The Futuristic Samurai DJ Art Book is here and now available for purchase! It's full of talented art work: sequential pages, pin ups, character design, and everything a good book should have.
In addition, the profits are donated to the Injured Marine Semper Fi fund.
More info on his…
Saludos a todos
Hey guys, my friend :iconshwann:  is currently on Patch Together hoping to get his iconic original character DJ Shwann made into a toy!

Check out his very cool design and vote 5 stars right here:…
Bruno is the new member in the family, has just come home and it's beautiful.
Bruno is my fourth child, a totally surprise, but very pleasant… and I want to celebrate the DA´s way.
My commissions at half price this week only! And of course the proceeds will to give a great gift!
Send me a note if you interested.
See here some commissions:…

Saludos a todos :D
Thank you very much everybody for a ton of visits to my gallery, and more thousand thanks a :icongavacho13: and :iconaunjuli: for the Daily Deviation
Very soon I promise surprises. Saludos a todos
I am so happy that I decided to lower the price of my commission. The first five from now will be half price, yep!

1-Send me a note expressing your interest with detailed information for the piece
2-I will send a rough, If you like it, make a payment to Paypal
3-Once the payment is confirmed, I'll start working on fully finished version and will be sent to you.
4-No sketches, only b/n (inks) and color.

Only the first five!
Here the link to more commissions:…

My wife and son were recently Birthday and really make me happy!!!

Thanks a lot for the support, comments, watchs, favs and all the rest!